Meadow making pilot summary September 2019

We’re in the final couple of weeks of sowing wildflower mixes this summer and are delighted to present a brief summary of work done so far on the 20 farms who joined the 2019 meadow making pilot

857 kgs of Herefordshire seed was harvested from 8 different farms using our brush seed harvesting service. This dried down to about 400 kgs which has been broadcast on 30 ha of existing grassland or cultivated land.

In addition 7.5 ha were strewn with green hay, 8.7 ha with a bespoke Emorsgate wildflower mix and 5 ha with Cotswold seed mix.

More details to follow soon about all the different techniques and machinery used. Well done and many thanks to everyone who’s taking part and here are some taster photos.

broadcasting seed by hand at Duchy of Cornwall meadow Shenmore
Broadcasting Emorsgate seed with air seeder at Warren Farm Brockhampton
Spreading green hay using chopper at Fernhall,
Spreading brush harvested seed by hand at The Leen Pembridge
Unloading green hay at receptor field at Trenant, Peterchurch
brush seed harvesting at Sturts Reserve
Meadow making on cultivated ground at Pembridge