Monthly Archives: September 2018

Late summer activity enhancing grassland in Herefordshire

After a packed summer of meadow events, discussions, training in grassland assessment and wild plant ID many members have gone home and cracked on with great work to restore, enhance and create meadows in Herefordshire. So far we’ve had photos of hay making and hay strewing and would love to have any more photos of Herefordshire Meadows projects in action.… Read more →

Roadside Verges – Herefordshire’s micro meadows

Suzanne Noble, Sally Webster and Anne Crane have completed a survey of Herefordshire’s 33 roadside verge Local wildlife Sites with mixed results. Some are thriving, others not. Verge cutting is usually done  local contractors, farmers and lengthsmen or by Balfour Beatty for Herefordshire Council and with varying attention paid to verges of high wildlife value.  Of the original 33 designated… Read more →