Talk to Cradley WI

On Thursday 6th June Meadows Adviser, Rory Johnson gave a talk to a packed house in the old village hall for the annual Cradley WI open meeting. After giving an overview of who Herefordshire Meadows are and some of the things the charity gets up to, Rory then went on to explore how meadows have been an integral part of the historic landscape of the parish, with the name Cradley itself thought to have derived from the Anglo-Saxon Creed’s Leah or ‘Creoda’s meadow’.

Unfortunately, the parish is not unique in escaping the huge decline in this habitat which has been witnessed since the Second World War and Rory next went on to describe how Herefordshire Meadows has been trying to stem this decline by restoring and creating new meadows across the county since 2019 and the process behind this.

Finally some of the ways in which everyone can get involved in supporting diverse grasslands were discussed including mini garden meadows, supporting campaigns and advocacy groups, getting involved in citizen science survey work and more.

Rory was joined by a local farmer, Phil Marsh who operates small scale cutting and baling equipment in the area and could prove to be a great resource for local meadow owners as well as Sally Webster from Verging on Wild who gave a quick overview of the groups work to protect our county’s flower rich road verges.