About Us

Who we are

Herefordshire Meadows is a network of meadow managers united by an interest in restoring, creating and conserving flower rich grasslands as well as promoting their value as part of a productive farm business.

Formed in 2015, there are more than 400 farmers and meadow owners in our network.


What we do

We work collaboratively across the whole of the Herefordshire landscape, exchanging knowledge and skills on a wide variety of subjects:

  • Restoring flower rich grassland from semi improved swards
  • Grazing systems for diverse swards and healthy livestock
  • Creating meadows, wild flower strips and herb rich leys from arable land
  • Monitoring diversity and abundance of flowers, grasses, insects, birds and other wildlife
  • Profiting from native grasslands


Why we’re here

Although wild flower grasslands have declined by 97% since 1940s we exist to strengthen and increase the remaining network of flower-rich grassland in order to:

  • Support pollinators vital for food production
  • Increase nutritional value and productivity of diverse swards
  • Improve drought resilience and carbon storage
  • Withstand poaching in wet weather
  • Maintain and increase wildlife habitat
  • Help maintain healthy soils and clean water
  • Retain water for natural food management
  • Increase the Natural Capital of farms
  • Protect historic features
  • Improve wellbeing and enjoyment of the countryside and heritage