Advisory Services

Our resources page has useful leaflets and lots of management guidance but if you want tailored advice for how to manage and enhance your grassland for biodiversity you can book an advisory visit by one of our Meadows Advisors.

We charge £36 per hour plus travel costs (0.45p/mile) for our advisory service, which includes:

  • A walkover of your land to assess the habitat
  • Key grassland species identification  (more detailed quadrat surveys available on request for Priority Habitat Inventory and Local Wildlife Site panel assessment)  
  • Simple management recommendations or meadow restoration plan to meet your needs
  • List of basic do’s and don’ts!
  • Signposting to relevant grants and further help
  • Soil nutrient and organic matter analysis (additional charge of £25-30 per field )

The time needed to visit and assess your grassland and provide a short tailored advisory report will depend upon your requirements and the size and complexity of the site, but is likely to require a minimum of 5 hours.

To discuss or book a visit Contact Us Page or contact an advisor directly.


If we ask you to send us photos here is a useful guide on how to photograph your meadow


Telephone advice is also available from the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and from the Wye Valley AONB and Malvern Hills AONB


Plant surveys +

For FREE plant identification of your grassland contact:

Advice on planting the Right trees in the Right place on your your land  

Countryside Stewardship grant funding +

Find out about Natural England Grant funding.

Your adviser will signpost you to all the currently available grant opportunities.

Please ask us if your grassland is likely to be eligible for Countryside Stewardship grassland options. 

To get the best possible application for your grassland we are happy to work with you and any adviser helping with your Stewardship application, whether one of the Wye and Usk Foundation team or an agent.  We can help with grassland surveys and advise on how to get your grassland onto the NE priority habitat inventory. 

Depending on location and farm type you may be eligible for advice about improving water quality from Wye and Usk Foundation or Catchment Sensitive Farming