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September Newsletter

All of this year’s meadow seed harvest had been dried, cleaned, weighed and distributed by the end of August, and at the start of September we began the exciting next stage of our restoration projects: to prepare the sites and begin spreading seed. We also hosted our first FORUM since 2020 and our first AGM since becoming a registered charity. … Read more →

Plant ID & Meadow Monitoring Training Day

On Tuesday 6th June meadow owners from across Herefordshire attended a Plant Identification training day at The Leen Farm, Pembridge.  The day was led by County Botanical Recorder and Herefordshire Meadows Trustee Stuart Hedley, who introduced the group to the Rapid Plant Monitoring Method, a simple technique for monitoring changes in grassland over time. The session was aimed at equipping… Read more →

Herefordshire Meadows November Newsletter

This years meadow makers have been busy creating new wildflower meadows throughout September and October as part of the Botanica project. Brush harvested seed was spread across 22 hectares and 2.5 hectares will be enhanced with plug planting  Many thanks to all who helped with this work including many volunteer seed strewers. New techniques are emerging all the time with… Read more →

Herefordshire Meadows October Newsletter

Since the last newsletter, this year’s Meadow Makers have been busy restoring meadows supported by the Herefordshire Meadows team. Local provenance seed has been harvested from flower rich donor sites, sieved and dried and spread on recipient sites. Restoration works are completed on about 80% of our Meadow Maker sites and remaining sites are scheduled for the coming weeks. We… Read more →