Past events


Botanical ID/ Survey Day with Stuart Hedley

From 10.00 until 16:00

At Ewyas Harold Common HR2 0JD

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Grass ID Training day led by Stuart Hedley - what's that grass and what are my livestock eating ?

An opportunity to look in detail at the identification features of this fascinating but challenging group

From 14:00 until 17:00

At Parsonage Farm, Wellington, Hereford, HR4 8AJ

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National Meadows Day

Meadow walk and discussion

From 13.45 for 14:00 until 17:00

At Olchon Court Farm, Llanveynoe, HR2 0NL

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Bumblebee ID Training led by Dr Richard Comont - Booking opens on 1st June

Learn how to distinguish between the most common bumblebee species and practice catching and identifying bees in the field

From 09.30 for 10.00 until 13.00

At Adhisthana Court, Coddington HR8 1JL

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Wood Pasture Mosaics at Moccas Village Hall and Moccas Hill Wood

Join us to find out how to restore and create one of our least understood but most diverse wildlife habitats whilst mitigating climate change at the same time.

From 10.00 for 10.30 until 13.30

At Moccas Village Hall, Moccas, HR2 9LQ

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Shelterbelts and 'Living Barn' Wood Pasture Mosaics

Workshop on trees and shelterbelts on farms

From 15:30 until 17:30

At Risbury Court HR6 ONG courtesy of Richard Thomas

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Wood Meadows

Webinar with George Peterken

From 18:00 until 19:30

At Zoom webinar

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For the Love of Meadows - a guide to starting and running a meadows group

Webinar featuring Herefordshire Meadows Chair James Hawkins and Caroline Hanks

From 18:00 until 19:00

At Zoom webinar

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Spring into Action with Plantlife

Plantlife's Spring into Action 2022 digital event series

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Herefordshire Rural Business Advice Day 2021

From 12:00 until 18:00

At Three Counties Hotel, Hereford

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Floodplain Meadows Partnership Conference 2021

Scaling up restoration for delivery of nature based solutions 

At webinar

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What's the buzz about - are all pollinator habitats equal?

Webinar with Dr Paul Cross on the challenges and opportunities for pollinators in the wider landscape

From 6pm until 7pm

At Zoom webinar

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Introduction to BEEWALK survey for meadow makers

How do I know if my meadow restoration is working?

From 5 pm until 6 pm

At Zoom webinar

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Introduction to Plant Identification - rapid monitoring method

Zoom training with County Plant Recorder, Stuart Hedley

From 3pm until 5pm

At Zoom webinar

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A Smallholders Experience of Machinery for Flower Rich Meadows

Webinar with Tim Daniels

From 6pm until 7pm

At Zoom webinar

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Principles of Creating Flower Rich Meadows

Workshop with Caroline Hanks and Sue Holland

From 6pm until 7pm

At Zoom webinar

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Utilising Native Breeds for Conservation and Regenerative Grazing

Webinar with Tom Blunt, RBST Field Officer

From 5 pm until 6 pm

At Zoom

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Mapping diverse swards of the future

Workshop on Opportunity and Natural Capital mapping led by Matt Pitts of Plantlife

From 5 pm until 6.30 pm

At Zoom webinar

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Biological Pathways to Carbon-Rich Soils

Webinar on enhancing soil structure and function led by Dr Christine Jones

From 7.30pm

At Zoom webinar

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Opportunities for transition to profitable livestock farming

Zoom webinar with questions and discussion

From 5 pm until 6.30 pm

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Meadow Restoration 1 year on

From 2.00 until 3.30

At Bythan, Avenbury, HR7 4LB

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Seedling Safari - First Stop of the Season

Discussion meeting courtesy of Ian Horsley with Matt Pitts of Plantlife

From 2:30pm until 4:00pm

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Moths, meadows and mills

An evening walk at Fair Oak, Bacton followed by moth trapping after dark.

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Wildflower seedling safari 2 with Matt Pitts from Plantlife

Yellow rattle and continuing the balancing act between wildflower seedlings, grass and weeds in a young meadow

From 09.45 for 10.00 until 13.00

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Scrub management at Credenhill Park Wood hill fort - CANCELLED

Transforming coniferous woodland to species rich grassland and wood pasture

From 09.45 for 10.00 until 13.00

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Herefordshire Meadows 4th Annual Forum. Carbon, cows and calculators. Diverse swards as part of the solution.

Carbon, cows and calculators. Diverse swards as part of the solution.

From 9.45 for 10.00 until 14.00. Lunch from 13.00

At Bishops Frome Village Hall, WR6 5AR

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Big Farmland Bird Count 2020

A chance to get involved in a simple 30 minute bird survey on your farm or meadow

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Rapid method grassland assessment training

Stuart Hedley leads a session for not quite beginners and improvers to master a simple technique for 2019 surveys

From 2.00 until 5.30 pm

At Warren Farm, Brockhampton Park courtesy of James Hawkins

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Enhancing Ecosystems at Any Scale

From 6.30 pm

At Caradoc, Sellack, Ross on Wye, HR9 6LS. Kindly hosted by Major & Mrs Patrick Darling.

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Bumblebee ID training

Hayley Herridge of B lines leads a day course

From 9.45 for 10.00 until 3.30

At Home Farm Dulas and Parks reserve courtesy of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

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Herbal leys, grazing sytems, diverse pastures and meadows

A farm visit for anyone seriously considering the transition from set stocking to rotational grazing.

From 10.30 until 12.30

At Lower House Farm, Longtown, HR2 0NT

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Bumblebee ID training

Richard Comont of Bulmblebee Conservation leads a day course

From 9.45 for 10.00 until 3.30

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Rapid method grassland assessment training

From 2.00 until 5.30 pm

At Fernhall Brilley courtesy of Nick Lloyd

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Wildflower grassland and meat boxes

A visit to Pentwyn Farm SSSI and Wysewood Common reserve to discuss practicalities of managing livestock on nature reserve with open access as well as setting up and running a meat box scheme.

From 2.45 for 3 pm until 5 pm

At Pentwyn Farm, Penallt, Monmouth courtesy of Tim Green, Senior Farm and Wildlife Development Officer with Gwent Wildlife Trust, NP25 4SE

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Rapid method grassland assessment

This for farmers in the Meadow Making pilot and for anyone who can help monitor one of these 18 sites across Herefordshire in 2019 and as the meadows establish in future years.

From 12.30 until 4.30

At Lewstone Farm, Ganarew courtesy of James and Anne Herbert, NP25 3SS

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Bumblebee ID training day

Bumblebee ID training day with Richard COmont

From 9.45 for 10.00 until 3.30

At Croome Park, Worcestershire courtesy of National Trust

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So you own a woodland...............

An event with Nick Smith of Forestry Commission hosted by Will Bullough to consider all aspects of small woodland management. To include ride management, thinning, coppice working, natural regen, biodiversity including flower rich areas, protected species, felling licences, grants, management plans, tree health, tree ID & pruning, deer & squirrels. Booking not yet open

At Whitney on Wye

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Grazing strategies for small farms

A workshop for those considering how to graze or let grazing on a small farm to produce healthy livestock and flower rich swards.

From 4.00 pm until 6.30 pm

At Brookmead, Old Church Road, Colwall, WR13 6HA courtesy of Lindsay Williams

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Nutritional benefits of herbal leys and wildflower meadows

From 09.45 until 14.00

At Bishops Frome Village Hall, WR6 5AR

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Hedge laying training weekend with Martin Hales

From 9.30 until 16.00

At Hurstans, Sollers Hope, HR1 4RW by kind permission of Fiona and Chips Fyshe

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Big Farmland Bird Count

Spend just 30 minutes counting birds on your land to find out how birds are doing in the winter and demonstrate the benefits of the work you're doing to provide year round habitat and food for birds.

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Growing native orchids in meadows and gardens

An illustrated talk by Suzanne Noble of British Orchids.

From 7.30 pm

At Bodenham Village Hall, HR1 3LB

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Healthy Soil for healthy grassland and healthy livestock - WAITING LIST ONLY

Join us to find out about soil and how basic soil assessment and simple measures can improve the productivity of your swards and benefit your livestock and wildlife   

From 12.30 until 15.00

At Upper Pengethley Farm, Peterstow, HR9 6LL courtesy of Julian and Sue Partridge

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Meadow Enhancement by green hay strewing demonstration

Come and see meadow enhancement in action

From 16.00 until 18.00

At Upper Bryn Farm, Longtown, HR2 0NA courtesy of Peter Tierney

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Vintage hay making machinery demonstration day

A chance to see vintage machinery in action courtesy of Jonathan Boaz

From 2pm      until to early evening

At Curlew Call Farm , Saleway , WR9 7JY

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Herbal Leys, Permanent Pastures and Meadows

Opportunities for reducing feed costs in a conservation focussed business model

From 4.00 pm until 6.00 pm

At Conygree Farm, Aldsworth, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 3PW, courtesy of Jonty and Mel Brunyee

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Detective work with a quadrat - plant ID training on the Bromyard Downs.

Stuart Hedley will lead an exercise in plant ID revision on diverse mown grassland - both wet and dry. Beginners and improvers welcome.

From 12.00 for 12.30 until 15.30

At Public car park on Bromyard Downs SO672558. Just off the B4203 and south of the Royal Oak Pub

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Enhanced method grassland monitoring. How to work out if your meadow project is being successful.

Learn sward assessment skills at Herefordshire's Coronation Meadows with wild plant trainer Stuart Hedley and Plantlife's Joe Costley

From 10.00 for 10.30 until 5.00

At Hurstans, Sollers Hope, HR1 4RW by kind permission of Fiona and Chips Fyshe

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Meadows for Butterflies

How to manage meadows for butterflies - Ewyas Harold

From 11.00 until 2.00

At Ewyas Harold Common

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Walterstone Wildflower walk

A walk around Coedygrafel and Walterstone Common led by Peter Garner, County Botanical Recorder, to see and learn about wildflowers, including several rarities

From 2 pm

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Restoring Meadows at Brockhampton

Meadow restoration from garden to landscape scale - a chance to hear Peter Clay explain the practicalities of meadow restoration and creation using a range of techniques and machinery

From 12.00 until 15.00

At Brockhampton Cottage, Brockhampton, Herefordshire, HR1 4TQ courtesy of Peter Clay. Grid Ref SO 598315

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Rapid-method grassland assessment - upgrade and refresh your ID skills of common meadow plants, including grasses. FULLY BOOKED

NOW FULLY BOOKED. A session with wild plant trainer Stuart Hedley for beginners and improvers to brush up plant ID skills in the field, courtesy of Will and Jenny Bullough

From 14.00 until 17.30

At Old Vicarage, Clifford, HR3 5EY. SO 252451

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Bumblebee ID training - meadows as food and year round habitat - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Training day with Dr Richard Comont of Bumblebee Conservation - NOW FULLY BOOKED

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Herefordshire Meadows Mid Tier Grassland Options workshop

New grassland options available in Mid Tier of Countryside Stewardship

From 6.45 for 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm

At Norton Canon Village Hall

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Herefordshire Meadows Annual Forum 2018

Making Meadows Work and Pay - exploring the value of native pasture and meadows in low cost grazing systems for the future

From 09.45 for 10.00 until 14.00

At Withington Village Hall HR1 3PP

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Wood Pasture Restoration at Croft

An excellent opportunity to discuss techniques for restoration of woodland or scrub sites to grassland and wood pasture

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Grassland fungi and waxcaps - fully booked

Jo Weightman led a walk at The Sturts to improve our grassland fungi ID skills

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Water meadows in the Herefordshire landscape

This visit to Ivingtonbury continued our discussions on grassland history and archaeology

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Floodplain Meadow restoration at Lugg Mills

Herefordshire Meadows visit Lugg Mills to see floodplain meadow restoration in action

At Lugg Mills accessed via Lugg Bridge Farm, HR1 3NB

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That’s nice - what is it ? Fully booked

Plant ID training with wild plant trainer Stuart Hedley.

From 10.00 until 14.00

At Hopleys, Bearwood, Pembridge, HR6 9EQ

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Practical Meadow Restoration

A chance to see meadow restoration in action and hear from Tony Norman about the SSSI, how he has collected seed and spread it on the new field

From 16.00 until 19.30

At Moseley Common SSSI

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Visit to Coedygrafel Farm and Walterstone Common

From 14.00

At Coedygrafel Farm and Walterstone Common

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Gardens in the Wild

Garden Festival with meadows featured in open gardens and talks

From 9.30

At Whitfield Estate

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That’s nice - what is it ?

Plant ID training with wild plant trainer Stuart Hedley.

From 13.00 until 17.00

At Trenant Farm, Peterchurch, HR2 0SU

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That’s nice - what is it ?

Plant ID training with wild plant trainer Stuart Hedley.

From 12.30 until 17.00

At Woolhope Parish Hall HR1 4QS

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The Making of Herefordshire's Coronation Meadows

The Making of Herefordshire's Coronation Meadows – a case study in magnificent meadow restoration

From 17.30 until 20.30

At Joan's Hill Farm and Hurstans

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