PHI Survey and Plant ID Training day 12th June 2024

On Wednesday 12th June landowners, meadow makers and volunteers attended a training day with Herefordshire Meadows, to learn how to identify key meadow plants and carry out a grassland survey.

Training took place on the fantastic Meadows at Hurstans, Soller’s Hope – where owner Fiona Fyshe manages species-rich grassland that was enhanced with seed from Joan’s Hill Farm, as part of the Coronation Meadow project in 2015.

The plant ID training was led by Liz Brookes from Ecohab Wildflowers, who helped us to distinguish key indicators such as Yellow rattle, Bird’s-foot trefoil, Goat’s beard and Meadow vetchling.  The focus of the day was to learn how to identify some of the key indicator species for Lowland Meadows on the Priority Habitat Inventory (PHI), and how to carry out a survey for inclusion on the Natural England PHI maps.

More information on this process can be found on our Surveys and Monitoring page, where survey sheets and other guidance documents can be downloaded, as well as helpful resources regarding the survey methodology and ID book recommendations.  And there is more information here about the potential financial benefits of having your land mapped on the PHI.

This training is part of our Species-rich Grasslands project (link) funded by the Wye Valley National Landscape, where we are assisting landowners identify and map their PHI eligible grassland and gain access to higher rates of CS and SFI.