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Herefordshire Meadows June Newsletter

After an unseasonably wet May, we write this hoping that there are warmer and drier times ahead, as our summer programme begins in earnest and in-person field training sessions finally become possible once again. Traditional meadow habitats don’t just encourage plant biodiversity, they are also vital for a wide range of animals, particularly insects and pollinators. With this in mind,… Read more →

Rootwave Pro demonstration

On May 12th Stephen Jelley, Global Head of Sales for RootWave, demonstrated the potential of using electrical treatment as a means of controlling perennial weeds at one of our Meadow Maker sites. RootWave’s Electricide technology produces a 5000V charge which boils weeds from the root upwards. The technology is relatively new but advancing all the time and it offers an… Read more →

Herefordshire Meadows May Newsletter

More and more things have started bursting into life over the past month, the early spring flowers are appearing and there is a buzz in the air. Things have been busy behind the scenes too at Herefordshire Meadows. Our team has grown again as we have been joined by Maya Broadbank, a Plantlife Meadow Maker trainee. Maya has already been… Read more →