Catch up – Better together: how facilitation groups are transforming nature recovery

On 8th April the White Peak Farmers group hosted the first talk of their new Networks for Nature: Facilitating Collaborative Farming webinar series. The discussion looked at how the collaborative approach adopted by Farmer Facilitation Groups around the country is leading to impressive results on the ground.

The talk began with Natural England’s Brian McDonald, Manager of the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund, sharing some of the wide-ranging achievements of the 136 Farmer Facilitation groups in tackling the biodiversity and climate crisis.

This was followed by three short presentations from Group Facilitators, including Herefordshire Meadows, who gave an insight into how the farmers and landowners within their groups are working together in different landscape areas to bring about tangible environmental improvements. You can watch the full webinar again here:

NB. Please cut and paste this link into your browser if it doesn’t take you straight through to the recording