Catch up: What’s the buzz about – are all pollinator habitats equal?

On 8th June, Dr Paul Cross, senior lecturer at the School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University, gave a fascinating talk on some of the key challenges facing pollinators. Drawing upon data from several large collaborative research projects, Dr Cross presented the unequivocal evidence that pollinator numbers have fallen sharply in the past 50 years.

Dr Cross then went on to discuss two of the main drivers of these declines; the use of pesticides (specifically neonicotinoids) and land use change.

With all this in mind, Dr Cross was at pains to stress the importance, now more than ever before, of species rich pastures and meadows being established on a landscape scale to try and reverse the downward trend.

Dr Cross concluded his talk by highlighting some of the key indicator species to look out for in a healthy meadow.

The full webinar is available to watch here: