Churchyards and burial grounds as havens for pollinators and wildlife

Many Herefordshire Churchyard and Burial grounds support a diversity of wildflowers and grasses and provide important refuges for wildlife, including pollinators.  Image result for wildflowers in churchyards herefordshire"

Llanwarne churchyard

We have an opportunity to work with Caring for God’s Acre (CFGA) and get involved in species recording and monitoring as well as helping with management.  Some of the churchyards and burial grounds could become valuable seed sources not only for local meadow restoration but also for roadside verges.

Do get in touch with Caroline or Sue if you are interested in recording the  species in your local churchyard or if you know of a churchyard that is full of wildflowers.

We are hoping to run a plant ID training day in collaboration with CFGA who also offer scything workshops too.