DEFRA Feedback to Herefordshire Meadows on ELM co-design workshop

Defra will be hosting 2 feedback sessions for participants of the Facilitation Fund Round 4 Co-design workshops, including the workshop for Herefordshire Meadows members in October 2020.  This session will address questions previously placed on the ‘Park It’ board, and provide an update as to how discussions have influenced Policy thinking.

In order to accommodate as many farmers and land managers as possible, DEFRA are asking that participants vote via a poll for the date(s) which they will be able to attend.

The poll automatically ask voters for their name: participants are welcome to remain anonymous by inputting ‘X’ into the box. The 2 dates with the most votes will become the dates of the feedback session, which DEFRA hope to record for those unable to attend.

Please note that the Poll will close Friday 29th January.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Hilton