Making the most of ELM for Commons with the Foundation for Common Land


From 17:00 until 18:00

At Zoom Webinar

Join us for a Zoom webinar led by Joe Leaper and Lyndsey Stride from the Foundation for Common Land to hear about some of the unique challenges and opportunities of managing Commons in new funding frameworks. Of interest to Commoners, Grazing Associations, Parish Councils and anyone owning or managing Common land. This will include        

  • Introduction to the Foundation for Common Land
  • Broad challenges and unique factors for Commons
  • How the payment schemes work for Commons including SFI and Environmental Land Management (ELM) 
  • Feeding back on some of the ELM trials results
  • What support can FCL offer?

The Foundation for Common Land (FCL) was founded in 2008 by a group of Commons graziers' associations with the purpose of conserving the cultural landscapes associated with Commoning and enhancing the natural assets of Common Land for the benefit of the public. FCL work with Commoners’ associations and federations, owners of common land, environmental NGOs, parliamentarians and farming bodies to achieve this.  

FCL are currently undertaking two DEFRA ELMs Test and Trials on the Malverns and in the New Forest and after this webinar would also like to speak to Commoners elsewhere in Herefordshire about their experience of working on commons and in particular any upcoming challenges and opportunities that may be associated with ELMs.