everything you need to know about yellow dandelion type flowers but were afraid to ask

We had a virtual plant ID day on 26th June led by Stuart Hedley with photographs of plants sent in by the Group, and Stuarts very helpful herbarium sheets of confusing pairs of plants that often get us scratching our heads. There are 3 news additions to the problem pairs on the Survey and Monitoring page of the website which are  beaked hawksbeard and autumn hawkbit, common and greater bird’s foot trefoil and bulbous buttercup compared to meadow buttercup 

Stuart’s Key to common yellow “dandelion-flowered” composites of Herefordshire is also available for everyone to use. The full list of Problem pairs is given below. Hereford plant recorder and Herefordshire Meadows plant trainer  Stuart Hedley has generously shared his working herbarium sheets. These include many problem pairs of plants that seem hard to distinguish at first glance. But with a lens and an eye for the detail it’s possible to master identification using these sheets.

They are for Herefordshire Meadows’ members to use in the field and not intended for wider circulation.