Green Hay Strewing Demonstration by Peter Tierney

Herefordshire Meadows Group visited Upper Bryn Farm Longtown to see Peter Tierney’s hay strewing in action on 24 July 2018.


Left -Harrowing receptor to get 50-60% bare ground – Centre – minibaler – Right – bale rolled out before tedding

Left – Tedding out green hay on receptor site showing width of swath after tedding out in 2 directions. Centre – Mini bale close up. Right – our landscape

Peter has been enhancing grassland there for at least 15 years using the green hay strewing technique very successfully.  If you are considering using this method please get advice on the best method for your project and see the Information Sheet on Meadow Enhancement that lists key things to think about before you start and has links to videos of various methods including green hay strewing in action.

Discussions were about the importance of :-

  • choosing a suitable donor site
  • preparation of the receptor site = 50 – 60% bare ground
  • controlling weeds BEFORE you start
  • timeliness and good communication with contractors – watch video clips in the Information sheet
  • understanding the principles and adapting them to your situation; from a strip of wildflowers to large field scale
  • talking to others who’ve done this before and getting advice to ensure the success of your project
  • sharing machinery and encouraging contractors who can help Herefordshire Meadows members do more of this work on their farms and small holdings.