Herefordshire Meadows welcomes 2 new meadow advisers

Herefordshire Meadows is pleased to announce that our quest to expand the team has been successful and we are welcoming two new meadow advisers to work alongside Caroline Hanks and Sue Holland and supported by Frances Keogh from Herefordshire Rural Hub.  This significantly increases the capacity of the group for our work in Plantlife’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund Meadow Makers project and for our increasingly popular Advisory Service.

Catherine Janson joins the Herefordshire Meadows team with recent experience of landscape scale meadow restoration in north west Herefordshire where she lives.  Catherine has a passion for native grasslands and diverse swards and their many benefits for biodiversity and agriculture including soil and animal health.  She also brings a wealth of knowledge of wildflowers and practical experience from her work as a garden designer.

Rory Johnson has meadow restoration and woodland management experience in the east of Herefordshire near Ledbury where he lives.  In addition to these conservation and land management skills, Herefordshire Meadows will benefit from Rory’s grant funding and social media experience; helping us develop and expand our work as meadow restoration continues to move up the environmental agenda.

Catherine and Rory will be out and about from next week visiting Meadow Makers’ sites at a safe distance with Sue and Caroline.  We look forward to introducing them to you when restrictions ease and we are able to restart our farm events. Meanwhile you may see them on Zoom at one of our online sessions.