Insects in the news on Herefordshire Meadows member’s farm

Stephen Ware has been a member of Herefordshire Meadows CSFF Group since our formation in 2016. He hosted the bird ID training day last January where we saw flocks of yellow hammer and many other birds thriving on the farm that provides habitat and year round food.

Stephen features in a BBC video – The Herefordshire farmer turning insects into flour (24.1.20)

Stephen who farms in Weobley says ” We are integrating insects throughout our evolving farm plan. It started with keeping bees to pollinate our top fruit and continued with planting wildflower strips and meadows to encourage a balanced ecosystem with predators to keep crop pests in check. The crickets and mealworms are the “finishers” that complete all our hard work on the farm to yield a complex nutrient dense protein”.