More ways to provide for pollinators in the farm landscape – Environmental Seed Offers for 2019

For advice and guidance on making wildflower meadows and diverse swards please go to our INFORMATION and RESOURCES pages at

As well as creating or restoring wildflower meadows most farms offer the opportunity to make other habitats for pollinators and birds. This can be done with commercial seed mixes and you can take advantage of the return of the Environmental Seed Offers for 2019 through Championing the Farmed Environment.

These include

  • Bees’n’Seeds Mix; a spring sown mix providing valuable late-season pollen and nectar before producing a wide range of seed for many farmland birds.
  • Annual Wildflower Mix: an autumn sown, well balanced annual flower mix producing a season-long display of flowers providing pollen and nectar for pollinating insects, and…
  • The NEW Green Headland Mixes; green headland seed mixes suitable for planting on uncropped headlands to support wildlife, improve soil health and reduce potential run-off.