Nature Recovery Network pilot – Coronation Meadows and Pollinators

Herefordshire Meadows is now involved in 1 of 6 Nature Recovery Network pilots across the country.

We’re in partnership with Natural England, Plantlife, GWCT and Clarence House.

It’s a wonderful chance to showcase effective ways to create more Coronation Meadows and link pollinator habitats across our mixed farming landscape and to feed our experience into future agri-envrionment system (ELMs) design.

We’re working alongside groups of farmers in Worcestershire and Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and new funding is being developed for field scale projects in 2019.

Update March 19th 2019 – We have more than 20 farms who’ve expressed interest in meadow creation / restoration in the pilot and are now closed to new applicants.  Anyone with green hay or native seed to contribute / share / for sale in 2019 through Herefordshire Hay Exchange should contact Caroline Hanks tel 07779 080940 / 01981 251016 or Sue Holland 01873 860339