Opportunity to learn how to use a scythe

There will be an opportunity to learn how to use a scythe later on this month, when expert David Kuegler will spend the day teaching the art to volunteers at Humber Woodland of Remembrance.

Humber Woodland of Remembrance is located five miles from Leominster and is a green burial ground, where people may be buried in a natural and wild environment, with a tree or wild flowers being planted on the grave, rather than the more usual headstone.

The burial ground has been open for sixteen years and it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut the grass around the graves using conventional methods, so this year, we are going to try scything.

We are keen to find people who would like to learn to use a scythe and perhaps return to help scythe the long grass and wild flowers in the future.

The course will cover everything, from set-up to peening the blade.  All scythes and other equipment will be provided and of course we have spells of learning to mow.

We would like to offer the day’s lesson at our expense, but please bring your own food.

Having offered a free all-day lesson, we would hope that anyone who attends would be willing to return and help us to scythe the field this year and in future, if possible. Of course any future work done scything at Humber Woodland would be paid, depending on ability. We’d also like to hear from anyone with experience of scything who might want to join our team. There are many wild flowers at Humber Woodland of Remembrance and we would be happy to give seeds to anyone who attends and helps us to maintain the site.

The Course is on Thursday 29th August and will last from 10am to 3 or 4pm.

To join us, please contact Diane:  Tel  01568 760443 or email