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Role of well grazed and rested deep rooted diverse swards in carbon sequestration

We are grateful to Christine Page for sharing her drawings that help us think about the role of grazing systems with long rest periods and deep rooted diverse swards in carbon sequestration. To find out if your grazing system supports rapid or slow carbon sequestration click this link  You can find out more on our website  and Floodplain Meadows Partnership Read more →

Herefordshire meadows potentially at risk from tree planting

Many people are taking positive action to respond to the climate emergency by planting trees. Our wildflower grassland is a precious resource that is still decreasing nationally. Well managed diverse grassland swards are already storing carbon in significant amounts says Becky Willson, from the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit who spoke passionately about her work in a talk called Carbon, cows and… Read more →