Wonderful Waxcaps – What to look out for this autumn.

Waxcaps are familiar-shaped fungi that are often brightly-coloured with a waxy or slippery outside. They are found in grasslands that are generally poor in nutrients – such as old pasture, sand dunes, heathland, lawns and cemeteries.

Plantlife have brought out a New Waxcap App (WaxcApp), which has been developed to help users identify them. It is important that we discover where they are and better understand the kinds of places these colourful fungi like to appear, as unfortunately, the sites where these intriguing fungi are found are often overlooked and in many cases are in danger of being lost. Therefore, it is important to explore old pastures and meadows and identify these fungi.

To take part, simply scan this QR code or follow this link: https://arcg.is/PLT5X if you would like to download the WaxcApp on your smartphone or tablet. For more information and to download the app visit the Plantlife WaxcApp Survey page.

Only last week, the Herefordshire Meadows group found one – so now really is the time to get out and explore Waxcap favoured sites. For more information on this event visit Seedling Safari – First Stop of the Season