Meadow hay for sale in Titley

Jeremy and Nicky Mitchell of Title plan to cut and bale up to 750 small square bales after July 14th – exact date TBC depending on the weather. The meadows are moderately flower rich and the hay is made without a conditioner. It may have some flower seeds remaining for low level enhancement by feeding out in winter as well… Read more →

Countryside Stewardship now open for new applications

Applications for Countryside Stewardship Schemes including Mid-Tier, Higher Tier, Wildlife Offers, Hedgerows & Boundaries, all opened on 18th February 2019. Because options for flower rich grassland such as GS6 need endorsement and these fields must be on the priority habitat maps we have written a guidance note for Herefordshire Meadows members. Please ask for advice on how to get the… Read more →

Hedge laying weekend course in the sun

February 23 and 24 saw Herefordshire Meadows members learning the art of hedge laying under instruction from Martin Hales at Sollers Hope. Fiona Fyshe was having a hedge laid on the farm and kindly arranged this training weekend. The weather was unseasonably warm for hedge laying – but great fun was had by all. Everyone learned to pleach having received… Read more →

Late summer activity enhancing grassland in Herefordshire

After a packed summer of meadow events, discussions, training in grassland assessment and wild plant ID many members have gone home and cracked on with great work to restore, enhance and create meadows in Herefordshire. So far we’ve had photos of hay making and hay strewing and would love to have any more photos of Herefordshire Meadows projects in action.… Read more →

Healthy Soil for healthy grassland and healthy livestock – WAITING LIST ONLY

Bring a spade and wear stout footwear for the walk.  Introduction with sandwiches and drinks at 12.30 Julian Partridge hosts Kate Speke-Adams of the Wye and Usk Foundation to discuss soil health in permanent, flower rich and created grassland scenarios on the farm.  A chance to discover the science behind healthy soils and practical tips on how your grassland can… Read more →

Monitoring marathon at Hurstans Coronation Meadows

Herefordshire Meadows Group spent 22 June at Hurstans Coronation Meadows in Sollers Hope hosted by Fiona and Chips Fyshe learning a detailed monitoring technique with Stuart Hedley as their trainer and in collaboration with Joe Costley of Plantlife.  We used a 1 x 1 m quadrat subdivided into 9 smaller squares   We did the first quadrat together, refreshing ID skills… Read more →