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wildflower seedling ID –  Herefordshire Meadows seedling ID chart 2020 

the seed site has photos of wildflowers but also cultivated garden seedlings too

Problem pairs solved Hereford plant recorder and Herefordshire Meadows plant trainer is Stuart Hedley. Stuart’s working herbarium sheets include many problem pairs of plants that seem hard to distinguish at first glance. But with a lens and an eye for the detail it’s possible to master identification using these sheets.

They are for Herefordshire Meadows’ members to use in the field and not intended for wider circulation.

lesser trefoil – black medick                      buttercups 

vetches                                                         plantains     

docks                                                            bulbous buttercup – all of them !

stitchworts                                                   trefoils

dandelion family                                         buttercups 3

cat’s ear                                                        vetches 2

rough (greater) and lesser hawkbits       mouse ears

autumn hawkbit                                         dandelion sow thistle

Rapid monitoring field sheet  use this for baseline monitoring of your meadow and then once a year after changing management or introducing seed or green hay.  Video with instructions on how to do a survey coming soon  

2020 field sheet for rapid plant monitoring 

Bumblebee identification and monitoring +

ID books and guides   Bumblebee Conservation training notes   Where to buy equipment for catching and identifying bees