4 Herefordshire Meadows farmers present on diverse swards to Herefordshire Grassland Society.

Last night Herefordshire Meadows were guest speakers at Hereford Grassland Society meeting at the Livestock Centre in Hereford. This well attended meeting also saw the judging of the annual silage competition.

Four farmers gave well designed presentations on why they think flower rich grassland and herbal leys are important and what they are doing on their farms to establish them for their livestock.

Introduction to Herefordshire MeadowsCaroline Hanks
What’s the point of herbal leys?Lucinda Lewis, Boycefield Farm;
Meadow Enhancement: Cost Effective Farming or Environmental Tick Box?Mark Wood, Clay Farms
Herbal leys or mixed species swards on a beef and sheep farmRich Thomas, Risbury Court
Meadow restoration at landscape scaleJames Hawkins, Warren Farms

The speakers had great slides on a wide range of topics. Information shared included costings for making flower rich meadows, establishing herbal leys and creditable cattle growth rates on flower rich and low input swards. Regenerative grazing systems, rotational grazing and outwintering stock was also discussed along with C capture in meadows, and the many environmental benefits of diverse swards.  Each farm is using carefully selected Stewardship options to support the diverse swards they are growing on their farms. And two farms are among those involved in the Meadow Making pilot to restore and create meadows across Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Meadows and Farm Herefordshire will continue be hold events on these topics which will be advertised on our website and in Herefordshire Rural Hub newsletter.