Mapping diverse swards of the future


Workshop on Opportunity and Natural Capital mapping led by Matt Pitts of Plantlife

From 5 pm until 6.30 pm

At Zoom webinar

THIS workshop is a chance to feed in your needs and experience of mapping at a simple level to help us achieve the diverse swards we want for our farms, local groups or clusters and landscape scale projects.

This workshop is for you if you are asking questions such as

How do I get started when I don’t have mapping tools available now?

What do I need to be mapping for future projects and schemes?

Is there any free baseline data?

What’s the point of doing opportunity or natural capital mapping?

Matt will focus on grassland and what’s going to help you plan ahead to provide public goods and food at all scales. And the principles will apply to all land uses and cropping.

Useful Preparation

If you have time before hand you can also try out a simple mapping tool CEH E-planner on a few fields of your land which illustrates the kind of tools being developed.   Takes 5 minutes to run the tool.

You can also check what’s already mapped on Magic Map on your land at  Using this link for guidance on how to Search Magic Maps for grassland and other priority habitats if you’ve not used it before

This workshop is not suitable for anyone wanting certainty or detail about future rewards in any schemes as that’s not possible at the moment. This is an informal workshop run in the usual Herefordshire Meadows style and there will be plenty of opportunity to feed in your ideas and requirements so that Plantlife can feedback nationally after working with other groups around the Country as part of their ELMs Test and Trial.

BOOKING -  Please contact  if you'd like to join this workshop