Rapid Meadow Monitoring guidance available – have a go

Guidance for monitoring meadow plants and bumblebees is now available for all our members and for everyone in the Meadow Making pilot

This is a great way for us to demonstrate the great things Herefordshire Meadows members are doing and to share what gets the best results in the field

The 3 asks BEFORE the grass is mown – or before you start any kind of enhancement or restoration work this summer are:-

  1. Take photos of your meadow – choose vantage point(s) you can go back to in future years
  2. Do a plant survey – 10 quadrats minimum please – record form attached
  3. Do a BEEWALK – we are working on simplifying the method even further. The Farmer Clusters site describes the method and the BEEWALK record form can be downloaded. If you do the survey we will work out how to enter all the data later in the season.  We are looking for a volunteer to process the 25 – 40 record sheets we expect in the 2019 season. If data’s your thing please get in touch.  

Please take photos during the restoration work

And from 2020 onward repeat the surveys and take more photos

Please send your photos and record sheets to Caroline Hanks