Roadside Verges – Herefordshire’s micro meadows

Suzanne Noble, Sally Webster and Anne Crane have completed a survey of Herefordshire’s 33 roadside verge Local wildlife Sites with mixed results. Some are thriving, others not. Verge cutting is usually done  local contractors, farmers and lengthsmen or by Balfour Beatty for Herefordshire Council and with varying attention paid to verges of high wildlife value.  Of the original 33 designated in 1990 only 15 remain in good condition although there’s potential to recover others by having a team of people involved in improving verge management.

This first call is for volunteers to keep an eye on verges in the parishes of Cradley, Dorstone, Colwall, Huntington, Wigmore, Callow, Llanveynoe, Bacton and Dulas, Brilley, Stretford, Clifford, Stoke Lacy, Bishops Frome, Dormington and Mordiford, Fownhope

If you’re interested in volunteering or know of any other possible new sites that may not be designated please get in touch with Suzanne Noble

We are encouraging you to take part in Plantlife’s verges campaign.  Councils do ask how many people in their county have signed, when approached about verge management