Now’s the season to start looking for grassland waxcaps

Waxcap fungi are an important part of the grassland ecosystem and if you want to work out what you are seeing in your grassland this autumn please see below for links to help with ID and detailed information about waxcaps

Jo Weightman, Herefordshire’s fungus Recorder led us on a walk at the Sturts in October 2017 ; click on the link for the records of the fungi found that day.  Jo has kindly offered to identify any fungi you find on your farms and meadows if you send photos of the fungi and a description of where you found them to

You can download our summary sheet about grassland fungi and Waxcaps ID with fungi identification, books, guides and articles includes a brand new book published by Monmouthshire Meadows.  The Plantlife Cymru Waxcap ID guide has a summary of grassland management to benefit fungi and waxcaps and a simple scoring system to rank grassland of importance for fungi.  Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group welcomes new members and is a good way to improve your skills further. ( clockwise from top left : puff ball type, coral fungus, parrot waxcap, group members at Sturts North in 2017).

Plantlife have developed a Waxcap Fungi App, and also have a very useful Guide to Waxcaps and how to identify them.