Updated Meadow Monitoring survey sheets for 2024!

For 2024 we have introduced a slightly amended Rapid Monitoring recording sheet which we hope will assist the new tranche of meadow makers coming in under the Kingspan and other projects, as well as helping previous restoration site owners carrying out their annual monitoring surveys.

Download the pdf survey sheet HERE or the Excel file HERE and visit our Survey and Monitoring page for helpful guidance on how to carry out this important part of a meadow restoration project.

As before, this standardised recording sheet is not mandatory, but has been constructed to try and signpost new or inexperienced plant recorders to the most likely species they will encounter. Please will all recorders, new or returning to the meadow again to monitor the progress of their projects, remember the following basic points:

  • We are NOT asking for records of grasses, sedges or rushes during your 10 random stops as it is very difficult to obtain sound data across our now wide membership, and doing so adds greatly to the time taken (however you may of course record them for your own reasons if you wish);
  • We ARE asking for records of ALL broad-leaved herbs you encounter in your sample, whether on the list or not, so add in additional species in the blanks provided. These additional species can provide valuable insights when we assess the whole dataset for the County. Remember to include tree and shrub seedlings if yours is a pasture restoration prone to colonisation by woody species. Don’t guess if in difficulty – there are many resources available to help with plant ID now, and we continue to accept in-focus imagery if you are really stuck whilst in the field;
  • Remember there is a column for species you note during your W-walk but which do not crop up in the quadrat sample. Again, filling this in can provide useful extra information.

Thank you from Herefordshire Meadows to all the landowners who have carried out this monitoring and sent us the results over the last few years.  Please keep it up!

County Botanical Recorder Stuart Hedley has been looking at the data you have sent us and there is a report HERE looking at what we have learned from this important dataset.