What’s new in Countryside Stewardship for 2022 and are you eligible for GS6 ?

Applications for the 2022 Countryside Stewardship scheme opened on 9th February. There are options for those who’ve never been, or are no longer, in a scheme as well as new “Offers”  and Capital grants too.

There are several important changes in this round including broadening the options available and making these easier to apply for. There are many grassland options that you might choose; diverse swards being important as they provide so many of the benefits that CS supports in the wider landscape.

Lucinda Lewis of Wye and Usk Foundation gave us a presentation this week and you can see the slides on What’s New In CS in 2022

Also included are slides from Sue Holland about how to get your flower rich grassland onto Priority Habitats Inventory with NE which is essential to be eligible for GS6 option in CS.

We have prepared some notes on how to do the survey and a priority habitats lowland meadows recording sheet . Please cut and paste these links into your browser if you are having trouble with downloading.

For more information about recording your flower rich grassland contact Sue Holland or Caroline Hanks

You can find out more general information from the CS website here.

And local advisors to help with CS applications here