National Meadows Day walk at Urishay Court Farm


National Meadows Day

From 15.00 until 18.00

At Urishay Court Farm HR2 0SY

For National Meadows Day this year we will be visiting some fabulous grasslands at Urishay Court Farm courtesy of Tom and Catherine Oliver.

A chance to see a range of meadows and pastures where the main restoration interventions have been ongoing since 2018 through changes in grassland management rather than the introduction of wildflower seed.

Tom’s restoration strategy has an emphasis on a mosaic of habitats, recovery of native insect populations and botanical diversity alongside productive land management, which is done by local farmer David Morgan, rather than re-wilding.  Secondary considerations are natural resource protection including water, carbon, nutrients and prevention of flooding.  Both Tom and David will talk about their experience and there will be plenty of time for discussion at each stop. 

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