Grassland fungi and waxcaps – fully booked


Jo Weightman led a walk at The Sturts to improve our grassland fungi ID skills

Follow up from the walk

Jo has provided the records of fungi we found and offered to identify any fungi you find on your farms and meadows. You can download our summary sheet about grassland fungi and Waxcaps ID with fungi identification, books, guides and articles includes a brand new book published by Monmouthshire Meadows.  The Plantlife Cymru Waxcap ID guide has a summary of grassland management to benefit fungi and waxcaps and a simple scoring system to rank grassland of importance for fungi.  Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group welcomes new members and is a good way to improve your skills further. ( clockwise from top left : puff ball type, coral fungus, parrot waxcap, group members at Sturts North). 

Grassland fungi and Waxcaps

The Bells Inn, Almeley, HR3 6LF

Tuesday October 31st 12.30 - 4 pm

Moving on to The Sturts (courtesy of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust)

led by Jo Weightman, Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group

Jo is the Herefordshire Fungus Recorder and will lead us on a walk at The Sturts where we hope to see a good range of waxcaps and other grassland fungi. This is a great chance to

  • identify some of the more distinctive waxcap fungi (bring small UNlidded plastic container(s) with you)
  • assess the importance of grassland by the use of a simple scorecard
  • discuss grassland management in relation to fungi as indicators of soil health


12.30 Meet at The Bells Inn for cold buffet lunch and Introduction

1.30   Transfer to The Sturts for walk and ID training - waterproofs + stout shoes / boots required

4.00   Finish and depart


Booking essential through Herefordshire Rural Hub


or telephone 01432 353465


Enquiries to Caroline Hanks   07779 080940