Species rich grassland restoration


Follow up to the event 

Good discussion down by the River Wye on 11 year old arable reversion field and field of permanent pasture next to it. Handout on points to consider when restoring species rich grassland  there are no precise recipes and the challenge at Fawley is how to make a suitable seed bed without disturbing the weed seed bank.  We looked at different harrows and straw rakes to harrow the ground enough to get good contact with flower seed and soil but without burying it too deeply. 

Rob Havard's video on how to make a meadow in 5 minutes using farm machinery  


Farm discussion about species rich grassland restoration at field and farm scale.

At Fawley Court Farm HR1 4SP  10.30 - 13.00 

  • How to recreate permanent species rich grassland and enhance existing semi-improved grassland; whole fields, field margins and corners?
  • Which technique suits your farm best?
  • How to source seed or green hay for best results?

Mark Wood, farm manager is hosting a discussion meeting and walk on riverside fields at Fawley Court for farmers who have experience of flower rich grassland management and anyone considering different seeding and restoration techniques on their land. Natural England advisers Geoff Newman and Rob Havard (farmer and conservation grazing adviser) will also be joining the discussion.

Suitable for all soil types and farming systems.

Please come and share your questions and knowledge of how to do this on your farm.

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