Help us press for changes to Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship grassland option prescriptions for GS2 and GS6

Please be aware that the GS2 and GS6 options in Countryside Stewardship currently don’t permit enhancement by hay strewing, seeding or wildflower plugs. Having more flowering plants in grassland is something many Herefordshire Meadows members are working on and it is very frustrating that Mid Tier works against one of our Group’s core objectives.

This is because the prescriptions make no distinction between harrowing and reseeding for agricultural improvement and harrowing and reseeding to increase the number and mix of wildflowers.

Please read your existing agreement carefully or if you are applying for CS now consider which fields to include to avoid any problems.

If you belong to farming and conservation organisations who can help to raise awareness both regionally and nationally please let us know and we can work together to lobby for change