Careful preparation of receptor field is key to successful meadow enhancement

Herefordshire’s Coronation Meadows at Hurstans were seeded in 2015 with local provenance seed from Plantlife’s reserve at nearby Joan’s Hill Farm (donor site)

The project is a collaboration between Plantlife and hosts Fiona and Chips Fyshe.

This is a simple photographic record of the work as a starting point for anyone considering enhancing meadows with seed ( or green hay ) and a reminder of the importance of site preparation.

1)  Surveying at Hurstans (receptor site) before the seed sowing – note how very grassy the sward is

2) Brush harvesting seed from Joan’s Hill Farm (donor)

3) Cultivating open ground in strips in the big receptor field at Hurstans. Using a power harrow was necessary because a tine grass harrow didn’t create the necessary 50 – 60% bare ground. Fortunately there were few weeds in this receptor field and so harrowing to a depth of 1/2 – 3/4 inch did not disturb any weed seed bank  – beware this risk if receptor field is weedy.

4)  Strips of cultivated turf on the big receptor field

4) Seed sowing in the cultivated strips

Please see Natural England leaflets, Plantlife and Flora Locale websites on the Links page for further information about meadow enhancement techniques.

Ask for local Advice if you need it. Preparation and timeliness are really key to getting good results.

For examples of best practice come along to Herefordshire Meadows events and see news of other walks such as at Upper Bryn Farm and Brockhampton Cottage