Wood Meadows with George Peterken

Kicking off our series of spring talks entitled Meadows, Mosaics and Mitigating Climate Change George Peterken, renowned woodland ecologist, nature conservation advisor and author of the book Meadows (2013 British Wildlife Collection), gave a fascinating presentation on the topic of wood meadows.

After first introducing the concept and showing some examples of traditional wood meadows in Europe, specifically in the Baltic states and Scandinavia, George then looked at different forms of wood meadows in Britain to support the argument that this is by no means a novel habitat in this country. And it seems there is an incredibly broad spectrum of mosaic habitats that we can consider as wood meadows including orchard meadows which is very appropriate for Herefordshire.  If you want to explore this more please let us know.

We also had additional contributions from Dan Carne at the Wood Meadows Trust who described in more detail their pilot project at Three Hagges Woodmeadow in Yorkshire. They are setting up a network and training programme and if you have a project you can get in touch with Dan Carne dan@woodmeadowtrust.org.uk

Watch the whole talk again here.

George has also kindly made his slide presentation available and asks that you please seek permission from George Peterken before using any of the images